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About Us

G.W. Shaw & Son is committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service, professional & experienced drivers, and a variety of waste disposal services at competitive rates.  

Our Story


G.W. Shaw & Son is a proud family owned and operated company.  Our story began back when Glen Shaw Sr. started the first business of Shaw Farm in New Ipswich, NH in 1968 alongside his wife Ann. Their primary goal at this time was farming, since it was a passion Glen knew well from growing up on his grandparents farm in Lincoln, MA. His vision expanded years later when he founded G.W. Shaw & Son, a waste disposal and recycling business.


This business flourished by servicing the regions of southern NH and northern/central MA as demands for trash and recycling services continued to increase over the years. Currently, the family’s second 

generation leaders, Julie and Glen Shaw Jr., continue with the family mission to “specialize in customer satisfaction.” They work tirelessly with their team to ensure customers are provided with the most affordable and efficient waste services possible. 


Two generations just weren't enough for us over here at G.W. Shaw and we are on our way to becoming a proud third-generation owned business.  Glen Jr. and Julie Shaw's youngest son Benjamin Shaw is in the process of learning the ropes. However, he certainly is no stranger to this line of work as he has been working alongside his family his entire life. Benjamin has a degree in in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Project Management and Human Resources from Southern New Hampshire University.  Benjamin is currently managing and running our Shaw Septic Service.  He is eager to continue working with his family to be a single solution for all your waste needs.  

Our vision continues to include: agriculture, waste disposal and progressive recycling practices, but also a diversity of other waste management services for their region. We have developed into offering septic services through Shaw's Septic Service and are working towards expanding our metal yard into a transfer station, Greater Waste Solutions, LLC. Both businesses are currently located in Greenville, NH. 

We look forward to continue servicing our surrounding communities and providing a variety of waste solutions while always staying true to our promise of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Don't just take our word for it, hear it from our customers...

What our customers say

“We have been a client for 7+ years. From the office to the drivers everyone goes above and beyond. Fantastic customer service!”

Zoe   /   MA

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